Directions from: Genova (Genoa) airport | Pisa airport | Parma airport | Florence | La Spezia

From Pisa airport:

At Pisa airport you usually need to take a shuttle bus to collect your car. From the collection point head back towards the airport: turn right at the exit from the car park and then left at the first mini-rounabout towards the airport. Go straight over the main roundabout in front of the airport, cross over the next junction and follow the green signs round to the right for the Autostrada (A12), ROMA and GENOVA. Once on the dual carriageway keep going straight until you get to the toll station. Avoid lanes with Telepass or VIACARD over them. Take a ticket.

Shortly after this take the turning to the right signposted GENOVA.

Continue to follow signs for GENOVA until you get close to LA SPEZIA. This should take about 45mins - 1 hour depending on traffic / how fast you drive.

Near La Spezia another motorway (the A15) crosses the A12. To the left it goes to La Spezia, to the right it goes to Parma. Follow signs to PARMA / A15.
Continue on the A15 for one junction to AULLA. Come off here and you should come to a toll station.

Follow the road across the bridge towards Aulla.
At the T-junction turn right. You should see a yellow & blue LIDL supermarket on the right.
Get into the left hand lane and follow TUTTE DIREZIONE to the left at the fountain. You do not want Centro.
Turn left again and then get in the right hand lane. You should see a builders yard in front of you.
Follow PONTREMOLI or VILLAFRANCA round to the right. You should go under a bridge. Continue to follow the road round to the right again.
At the junction turn left. Do not go towards Fivizzano.
Get in the right hand lane and go round to the right onto the main road, sign poster PONTREMOLI or VILLAFRANCA. You should now be running parallel to a railway track on your left and there should be some traffic lights after 100m or so. After this you should pass a supermarket called CONAD on your right and then a tractor shop on your left called RICCI.

Continue straight along this rather bendy road for some time (about 10-15 mins) until you reach VILLAFRANCA. You'll pass through the town and some shops. You should see a red garage on your right. Just after this you should come to a set of traffic lights.

Turn right at the traffic lights. This should be sign posted to BAGNONE and FILETTO. After 2-3 mins you should come to a stone arch that is the entrance to a little place called Filetto. This area is pedestrianised so you can't go through the village square itself and you have to turn left just before the arch. Follow the road round until you get to a T-junction after another 2-3 minutes. Turn right and follow the road for 2-3 mins. At the next T-junction turn left.

Follow the road for two or three kilometres, round a bend to the right and you will come to the outskirts of Bagnone. Follow the road through the stone arches and into the town square. You have now arrived at BAGNONE.